Our sectors of focus are currently energy, manufacturing, and real estate.


Freedom Additives
Freedom Additives is a joint venture in which Oak Hill Holdings retains 50% ownership. A patent-pending diesel fuel additive was developed by the joint venture for drilling, shipping, railroads, and industrial vehicle use. Learn more about Freedom Additives.

Bloom Energy
Bloom Energy is changing the way the world generates and consumes energy. Their unique on-site power generation systems utilize an innovative new fuel cell technology with roots in NASA’s Mars program. Learn more about Bloom Energy.

BrightSource Energy
BrightSource Energy, Inc. designs, develops and sells solar thermal power systems that deliver reliable, clean energy to utilities and industrial companies. BrightSource’s LPT solar thermal system is designed to minimize impact to the environment and help customers reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. Learn more about BrightSource Energy.

Suniva Energy
Suniva manufactures high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells (the ARTisun® series) and high powered solar modules. Their mission is to utilize our U.S.- based technology to make high-power solar cells and modules at affordable costs to address the world’s energy needs. Learn more about Suniva.



Utica Silicates
Utica Silicates, purchased in 2008, manufactures sodium silicate used in commercial and retail products. Clients include 3M, Dial, and Unilever among others, with the core customers located in the Midwest. Learn more about Utica Silicates.


Medical Marijuana
Oak Hill Keystone, LLC is a subsidiary investing in Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Tabula is a privately held fabless semiconductor company developing 3D Programmable Logic Devices. Its ABAX family of 3PLDs, based on Tabula’s patented Spacetime architecture, sets new density, performance, and affordability benchmarks for programmable logic, memory, and signal processing. Learn more about Tabula.

Magnum Semiconductor
Magnum Semiconductor offers video compression and processing solutions spanning video distribution end-to-end, from broadcast servers to living room clients and home media servers — enabling Any Content… Anywhere. Learn about Magnum Semiconductor here.

Real Estate

We continue to look for new opportunities for real estate investment please inquire through our contact page.